3 Takes and a Tweet – September 2018 Edition

I missed this blog last month so wanted to be sure I got it in this month. Here we go!

Who should be QB?

Kansas football is four games into the season and yet one of their glaring issues continues to be QB play.

At this point we’ve seen all three play even if Stanley’s minutes have only come during garbage time.

But which one looks the best and who should start?

I know I said at the beginning of the year I didn’t care who started as long as they were the only QB used all year (barring injury of course), but it seems Beaty has mixed this position up once again and we’re sitting here not sure who’s going to start each week.

We’ve seen Bender come in and throw some quality passes. Even a few for touchdowns. But the OL still isn’t where it needs to be and it forces Bender into some errant throws. It’s also quite noticeable that he isn’t willing to take as many chances down field and this could very well be the coaches in his ear telling him “don’t turn the ball over.”

We’ve seen Kendrick come in and command the offense and use his legs to keep drives alive. But he doesn’t look 100% comfortable and we’re still not sure about his arm or accuracy.

And finally, recently at least, we’ve seen Stanley come in and use his quick reads and running skills to get some solid gains. He definitely looks the most poised out of the three and looks like the Stanley from last year who nearly helped us upset KSU in Lawrence.

I don’t think the biggest issue with the Kansas QB situation is these three guys. I think it’s how they’re used and how they fit into the current scheme.

If Beaty wanted Bender to be QB he should have left it at that and kept Kendrick on the bench. But he didn’t and decided to continue splitting reps between the two.

And when asked about the two QB situation Beaty went on to say “it’s working”. No. It’s not working. The run game is working but the pass game is not working. And that needs to be working in order to compete in the Big 12. Unless he decided to change to an option offense which I wouldn’t have a problem with as long as we had a coach capable of running it.

Either way Beaty’s indecision for the fourth year in a row has completely crippled the offense and Kansas is looking at another 0-9 season in the Big 12.

If it were me I would have named Stanley the starter at the beginning of fall camp and rode him through the season as long as he stayed healthy. I’m not saying he’s the best QB on the roster, but he’s been the most poised even through last year. Also, this program needs consistency and they especially need it at one of their most important positions.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out but I see Beaty sticking with this two QB approach because I don’t think he feels he has any other options. He did have other options he just out-smarted himself. Again.

If he wants to give the team a shot to win, though, he’ll start and only play Stanley from here on out like he should have done to begin with.

Fire Beaty at the Bye Week

From the offensive woes, to the indecision in QB, and then on to the confusing and abysmal timeout calls, it’s obvious Beaty lacks the ability to be a head coach at the FBS level.

And if it wasn’t clear before, it’s absolutely clear now—Beaty should fired.

I think the Bye Week is the perfect time.

And for a few reasons…

1.) It’ll give another coach the opportunity to finish the year strong by doing things their way. It’s likely not going to make a difference but maybe it does.

2.) It makes it clear to recruits that Beaty won’t be here. No more sitting in limbo and Kansas can focus on finishing the season strong.

3.) Jeff Long can finally start the replacement process and even get a head start. Every year plenty of positions open up so the sooner he can get started the better.

4.) There are a lot of fans refusing to go to games until Beaty is fired. So if he is then it could bring a larger crowd and KU Athletics could see a jump in revenue.

5.) It will give the interim two weeks to prepare for the next game and it will make any changes go smoother with the extra time.

I’m not saying Jeff Long will do this but if it does fire Beaty mid-season this timing makes the most sense. But if he doesn’t let Beaty go by the Bye Week I would assume he’ll coach the rest of the season.

How can the roster be fixed?

It’s no secret the Kansas football roster has been a complete mess since Beaty got here. The problem is it’ll continue to be a mess whether Beaty sticks around or not.

My advice is to start red-shirting as many players as you can this week. And I’d shoot for at least ten.

It’ll take some convincing for some players and others just may flat our refuse. You don’t want to cause any issues within the team by forcing them to red-shirt, but maybe if it’s explained right they’ll see the benefit to themselves and the program.

I’d start with these players…

Miles Kendrick, Quan Hampton, Najee Stevens-Mackenzie, Jeremiah McCullough, Kyron Johnson, Elijah Jones, Kenny Bastida, Ricky Thomas, Reuben Lewis, Jacobi Lott, Jalan Robinson, Nick Williams, Codey Cole, Darius Morange

A few of these players may even be able to graduate by this year or the summer so you’d want to avoid them transferring if at all possible. But that goes with how well the red-shirt benefits are explained. It will also depend on who the new coach will be because that will certainly pull some weight.

Either way with Beaty only being able to bring in 15 scholarship players for this year red-shirting as many players as possible to keep the roster numbers up in the future will be a huge help for the program and whoever ends up being the next coach.

Tweet of the Month

One last fist pump…

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