3 Takes and a Tweet – June 2018 Edition

Beaty blocking people on Twitter?

It came to my attention a few days ago that David Beaty blocked me on Twitter.

Yes, blocked me. Like an eight year old girl mad at her boyfriend because he untied her shoe laces.

As I frantically scrolled through my tweets to find out which one could have set him off I realized I’ve never tagged him in a tweet.

So how did he know to block me without attention being drawn to him on Twitter? I have a few ideas…

  • David Beaty probably likes to spend his Sunday mornings searching his name on Twitter instead of reading the newspaper or even finding new ways to dig Kansas football out of their seemingly never ending hole of embarrassment. And if he finds a tweet he doesn’t like—BLOCKED.
  • Or he has an assistant look up his name on Twitter and block everyone that says anything negative about him or the program.

Both are very possible options but given Beaty’s brittle emotions my money is on him doing the blocking himself. Is his ego that twisted? And what’s the reasoning behind all of this?

Well, it could be a multitude of things. He even told Fred Davis, the host for In the Loop on Sports Radio 610, that he blocked him because if a potential recruit sees his tweet of the program it could turn them off. I don’t quite understand how blocking someone could result in a recruit no longer being able to see that tweet. Does he think that what he can’t see the recruits can’t see?

That horrible excuse aside I’m assuming his blocking people solely has to do with his hurt feelings. Beaty likely sees it as a distraction to the wonderful work he’s doing to turn the program around and doesn’t want to stall that any more than what it has been. It’s not like he distracts himself more by going on Twitter search, typing in his name and then blocking a bunch of people. Wait…

And to top it all off I’m not the only one who’s getting blocked. A few people spoke up and turns out he’s been hard at work. I wonder what would happen if he put in as much work with the football program as he does blocking people on Twitter? Maybe Kansas would be 4-32 instead of 3-33.

Anyways, here’s a list of the other blockees:


Change of offense!?

As the Kansas football opener gets closer and closer football fans will start to get curious which QB Beaty decides to trot out on game one.

In my opinion, I don’t think it will matter much. And I’ll tell you why…

Kansas currently runs an air raid style of offense. As we’ve seen it hasn’t fared very well. In fact last year they finished 120th in total offense, 76th in passing, 125th in rushing, 76th in receiving, 124th in first downs, and 122nd in offensive efficiency. The main cause of this is the offensive line. They’ve been so atrocious that whoever is behind center needs an insurance policy just to hike the ball.  To further prove this point they gave up 29 sacks on the season, enough to land them a four way tie for 90th out of 130 teams.

The scary part is the offensive line doesn’t appear to be much better this year than it was last year. They lost their one and only bright spot in Mesa Ribordy to injury, who was their only true center on the roster—at least the only one capable of getting any playing time. Since then they’ve moved Andru Tovi to the position in hopes that he can conjure up enough practice reps to make the line show some semblance of competence come game day.

But with an offensive line like last years or possibly even worse how does Kansas make the air raid work better than it did? The answer is, they don’t.

If Beaty truly wanted to save his job and step outside of the box he’d switch the offense to an option offense.

This is why I think it would work…

  • By running an option offense it takes less pressure off the offensive line and they’ll give up less sacks. Army finished first in the least amount of sacks given up all year. How many sacks did they give up? One. What type of offense do they run? The option. Now do you hear me?
  • The Big 12 primarily runs the air raid or spread style of offense. So naturally the defenses prepare to go up against this type of offense. If Beaty suddenly changed up his style of offense without any notice to the other teams it could throw them off guard and he could even sneak away with a few surprise wins.
  • Kansas’ most talented position is RB. By switching to this style of offense they would be putting the ball in the hands of their best play makers therefore giving a better chance of being competitive.
  • It slows the game down which will lead to less blowout loses. It also takes pressure off the defense as they’re able to get a rest on the side line instead of being trotted out there every 2-3 minutes.
  • Miles Kendrick is a good option for this style offense. He’s a great runner, he’s strong, he can make plays on the run, and is familiar with the option offense.

I’m not saying the option would save Beaty’s career or Kansas football’s 2018 season, but it definitely could make a splash. A splash so big in fact that it could shake up the whole landscape of the program.

Or, we could just take Jeff Monken from Army and let him handle it. I mean, he is the top dog when it comes to running the option.

What happens to the Louisianimals if Beaty gets fired?

There’s no doubt that Tony Hull is a heck of a recruiter. He’s pulled in some studs from Louisiana—see Mike Lee, Coe Harris and Pooka Williams. But if Beaty gets fired, what happens to them?

No thanks to the new transfer rule (which I think is great overall but just not for Kansas football in this situation) student-athletes can now transfer without the permission of the University. Apparently there are still restrictions at the conference level and they’ll still likely have to sit out a year, but it makes the possibility much more likely than it would have been before. Obviously if Beaty were to be fired it wouldn’t matter either way as the players will be granted a release regardless, but it does open the possibility of them leaving if Beaty doesn’t get fired and the year goes just as horribly as anticipated.

Do I think they’ll actually leave?

If Beaty does get fired I see a strong possibility that we do lose the Louisiana recruits unless one of two things happens…

  • The next coach keeps Tony Hull as an assistant.
  • The new coach is such a quality hire they stay open to staying and the new coach makes it a priority to get them to stay.

It’s hard to imagine that guys as talented as Lee, Harris and Williams would want to sit out a year but I think playing for the right coach and right program are most important. It’s also worth keeping an eye on Lee as he’s a junior and could potentially graduate by the 2019 summer. This would allow him to apply as a graduate transfer which would in turn deem him immediately eligible to transfer and play right away.

Tweet of the Month

I decided to go with two tweets this time because I couldn’t choose between these two…

*Except Kansas wouldn’t be on the winning end of that one.

*If this all happens this guy deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

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