3 Takes and a Tweet – July 2018 Edition

Should David Beaty be fired August 2nd?

The moment new AD Jeff Long was introduced Kansas football fans everywhere began to wonder when David Beaty would get fired. Would he not even make it through the non-conference schedule? Or would he be let go midway through the season as he proves once again his team can’t hang in the Big 12? Or maybe he makes it through the entire season leaving Long some time to evaluate his fourth and likely final season before inevitably getting let go.

But some fans don’t even think he should make it to game one. There’s been speculation, all by fans I might add, that Beaty should be fired Long’s 2nd day on campus. I can’t say I blame them because Beaty certainly didn’t earn his fourth year. Although I don’t believe he even earned the job as head coach at Kansas and he definitely didn’t earn the extension Zenger gave him after beating arguably one of the worst Texas teams in the history of the Big 12.

Would it make sense to fire Beaty August 2nd though? Honestly, no.

I realize most fans believe he hasn’t earned his fourth year. And I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was fired after the season last year. I was actually more surprised that he wasn’t. But we’re a month away from the season starting so firing him now could really set off a domino effect of disasters in the program.

  • With Kansas only sitting at two commits for the 2019 season, well in last place in the Big 12, that number could drop as low as zero if Beaty gets fired before game one. This would leave a lot of ground for the new coach to make up once he came in after the season.
  • The current players and staff have so much belief and support in Beaty that firing him would destroy the season before it even started. Guys would be frustrated and it’s likely they’d give up on the season before they had a chance to play a game.
  • Beaty’s buyout is $3 million whether he’s fired now or at the end of the season. We can thank Zenger for that precious gift he left behind.
  • There aren’t many coaches available at this point that would be able or willing to take the job this late in the game. So your best option would be to promote a current staff member as the interim head coach. I don’t see this bringing different results as there just wouldn’t be enough time to make drastic changes.
  • Long will want to be patient in his next hire especially since his last two for Arkansas didn’t work out so well.

Obviously Long could fire Beaty August 2nd, but I don’t think he would unless there was some sort of scandal he uncovered or if his meetings with Beaty went rather poorly. I just don’t see Beaty being a guy involved in any scandals and from what I’ve heard his talks with Long have been productive and positive.

There is one other situation where Long could fire Beaty before the season though and it’s if Les Miles wants the job.

You could argue waiting until seasons end to bring him in if the season does in fact go as expected, but when a guy like Miles shows interest you listen and you open your check book. Also there will be other jobs open by the end of the season so if a guy like Miles wants the job, and Long is 100% certain he’s the guy for the job, then it would make sense to make the offer as soon as possible.

I don’t see any of this happening though and if I were to put a percentage on it I’d say there’s a .5% chance Beaty gets fired before the season. So stock up on the booze and comfort food Kansas football fans because it could be another long and sad season ahead of us.

Who will start at QB game one?

As it sits Kansas has three potential QB’s competing for the starting job—Carter Stanley, Peyton Bender and Miles Kendrick.

Last year Bender finished the year with 1609 yards passing, a 54.2% completion rate, 10 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, all adding up to a QB rating of 108.5.

Stanley finished with 1108 yards passing, a 54.6% completion rate, 4 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, all adding up to a 104.5 QB rating.

And then there’s the new guy Miles Kendrick who played JUCO last year and finished the season with 1889 yards passing, a 57.9% completion rate, 18 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. It’s also important to add Miles rushed for 417 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns.

It’s nice to see these stats to have an idea how the QB’s fared last year, but I don’t see them being a deciding factor when it comes to Beaty naming the starter.

If Bender is named starter it’ll be because of his ability to get the ball out quickly coupled with his accuracy. He’s not a guy that moves around very well in the pocket, which could be a concern if the OL isn’t up to speed. But if they are he could be the best option as he’s known as a gunslinger.

If Carter is named starter it’ll be because of his toughness and his ability to make plays outside of the pocket. He’s not well known for his accuracy but if the line goes as expected this year, which it isn’t expected to go well, he might be the best option since he’s much better on his feet and making plays happen.

If Miles is named starter it’ll be because of his leader mentality and his ability to use his legs to keep the defense honest. He won’t understand the offense as well as Bender or Stanley this year because he’s new to the program but from what I’ve heard he’s the best leader on the team when it comes to the QB position.

So, who starts?

Beaty isn’t really a guy who’s known to take big chances and even though his job is on the line I think his stubbornness will still lead him to start Bender game one.

Don’t get me wrong, Bender does have talent and can throw the ball. Mike Leach, a legend of a FBS football coach, wouldn’t have taken a chance on him at WSU if he hadn’t. But with the issues Kansas has had at OL I don’t think it’s wise to put Bender in the same position as he was last year. Maybe he’s worked on his game since then and maybe we see a different player out there if he does in fact start.


KU QB Stats

Miles Kendrick Stats

After Isi Holani’s alleged DUI arrest, will he play this year?

If you haven’t heard yet Isi Holani was arrested on suspicion of a DUI Sunday morning.

As we know, this is never a good thing for the player especially when they’re involved with a D-1 program. We even saw a situation like this earlier in the year when Chase Harrell was arrested for a DUI and then later left the program. Although, it wasn’t stated specifically that the DUI was the reason he left but one can assume it was most likely a large part of it.

But does this mean Holani is done at Kansas?

Obviously every situation is different and we don’t have all the facts at this point, but as the past shows there’s a chance he may be dismissed from the team.  I’m thinking it’s more likely that he’ll only be suspended a few games or even less.

It’s also important to note that there’s a lot at stake when it comes to these issues especially for a program as bad and under the microscope as Kansas. And with Beaty on the hot seat I could see him making a quick decision to dismiss Holani to show new AD Jeff Long he means business and won’t turn a blind eye when his players disobey team rules.

Regardless this hurts the team as Holani is/was a potential starter and could have a big year after an injury ended his season last year.

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