3 Takes and a Tweet – April 2018 Edition

No spring game?

I’m probably one of the few Kansas football fans left that gets overly excited about football season. And it’s not just because it’s KU—especially as of late—but college football creates a fire inside of me that no woman will ever be lucky enough to replicate. Maybe that’s a bit much, but you can see why head coach David Beaty changing the Spring Game to an open practice hurt a little.

His reasoning? Too many injured offensive lineman.

Okay, I can understand that. They’re already working with a depleted roster because it’s spring and not all of their 2018 recruits have made it to campus. But what concerns me the most is the lack of offensive lineman. This is just my opinion and I’m by no means an expert, but there shouldn’t be a shortage of offensive lineman even if you have a few injuries.

If I’m coaching a football program I’m overloading on offensive and defensive lineman. I don’t care how good your other players are if you can’t control the line of scrimmage your team will not succeed.

But I won’t condemn Beaty for this—atleast not yet. It looks as though he does have a good reason it’s just confusing why in his 4th year he has such a lack of players in the most important position in the game. Either way I’m hoping this doesn’t hurt Kansas in six months when real competition starts.

Only 63 scholarship players?

On Friday the University of Kansas Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger appeared on 810 WHB to discuss the FBI investigations, stadium renovations and the Kansas football program.

Sheahon Zenger Interview Link – 810 WHB

One of the most surprising things he said was that Kansas was only at 63 scholarship players. This was a bit confusing as we heard last year from Beaty they were almost near 80 total scholarship players. So how did we jump all the way down to 63 scholarship players, which appears to be as many, or even possibly less that what Beaty had when he first got to Kansas?

Pump the breaks…

I think Zenger got a little ahead of himself and wasn’t quite clear. It’s of my understanding that the 63 scholarships pertains to the spring roster which is very different from the full fall roster because it doesn’t include the players coming after the spring.

I believe what Zenger was doing was trying to help sell the fans on the reasoning behind the spring game cancellation by Beaty. It’s difficult to confirm the exact number of scholarship players Kansas will have come fall because the program likes to keep that information under wraps, but I’m guessing it should be closer to 75-80. If they’re truly below 70 for the fall then there is a cause for concern.

What if Kansas goes 0-12?

I would bet more money on Kansas going 0-12 than I would on them winning three games or more in 2018.

I’m not saying they’ll go 0-12, but what if they do? Will Beaty be around in 2019?

Honestly, I think he will—and for a few reasons.

  1. Zenger has made it clear he’s being patient with Beaty.
  2. The buyout for Beaty’s contract will be the same this year as it was last year. So from a financial stand point—and a loose financial stand point at that—why let him go this year when it would have been the same penalty as last year?
  3. Beaty has proven to be a strong recruiter and even though there are questions about the scholarship roster numbers there is no doubt he has brought in more talent than Gill and Weis.
  4. With a lot of big time head coaching targets being signed to new contracts this year it’s hard to believe Kansas would have as many options as they would have had last year.
  5. If you build it, they will come. Maybe Kansas Athletics thinks that if they build the new stadium and the new practice facility that the wins and fans will come.

I could be wrong on all of these but it’s the position I firmly hold. Let’s hope they don’t go 0-12 because at that point I will be convinced that Beaty is not the guy.

Tweet of the Month

My favorite Kansas football tweet of the Month goes to…

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