“5” Reasons to be excited for this season

Crack a cold one or twenty, Jayhawk fans. This year could be special. Here are five reasons to drink, I mean be excited for the 2018-2019 college hoops season (and drink).

1. David DAMN Beaty: Okay, yes I understand that this has nothing to do with KU hoops and is totally irrelevant but regardless I needed to celebrate this man’s incompetency here. Beaty recently fired his offensive coordinator who statistically has had a better offense than David Beaty ever had while calling the shots. On top of this, David Beaty’srecruiting class for next season is ranked dead last in the Big 12, and ranked 168th nationally. Oh, and in case you were wondering there are only 130 FBS teams in the country #NeatDeal. Somebody get me a beer before I lose my mind.
2. This team could be special: Okay, football jokes aside this is the best Kansas basketball team on paper in Kansas HISTORY. I don’t even know where to start. With returning players like Udoka Azubuike, LaGerald Vick, Silvio guardian got that bag DeSousa, and the fifth ranked recruiting class in the nation this team is STACKED. The only threat to the Big 12 conference streak isn’t another team, it’s the FBI. But, the good news at the moment is it appears that KU is in the clear and the salty fans from rival schools have been silenced. Bill Self is clean (so far) and that is almost as big of a miracle as Kansas beating Texas in football seeing Kansas is one of the top Adidas schools in the country.
3. Kansas didn’t know (we think): The past year has been an anxiety stricken year for many KU fans, myself included. When news dropped last Fall about the biggest scandal in NCAA basketball history, I collectively lost my mind. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that the Adidas FBI scandal involved former Adidas executives wiring money to top prospects’ familiesin an attempt to steer them to Adidas schools. Throughout the year, information slowly leaked out to the public and we were made aware that Silvio DeSousa’s guardian received a sum of cash from Adidas. Unsurprisingly, Nicole Player (Billy Preston’s mother) received a ton of cash as well. Somebody needs to put her on the first team all hustle.  Regardless, the good news is Bill Self and Kurtis Townsend were unaware of this according to T.J. Gassnola.More developments are to come as testimony continues this week in a Manhattan courtroom. At the moment, we’re in the clear so have a beer.
4. The Kansas frontcourt will be DOMINANT: With key pick-ups of David McCormack and Dedric Lawson, as well as the return of Udunka Azuiblocke (patent that), Silvio guardian got that bag DeSousa, and Mitch GIMME THAT Lightfoot this will be undoubtedly the best frontcourt in the country, and possibly in program history. What’s especially exciting about this is that Bill Self can now play his style of basketball again, instead of using an offense that showcased four guards and relied heavily on three point shooting. I hope that every arena this team enters has extra backboards because my bold prediction is that Udokawill rip one down this year. Bet.
5. Mitch Lightfoot is JACKED: Dude, have you seen this year’s version of Mitch Lightfoot? He went from looking like a rip off version of G-Eazy to looking like he could be taking Arnold’s role in a Terminator film. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but Andrea Hudy seriously deserves a raise. Along with Lightfoot, Azubuike is looking like an absolute beast. Hudy is freaking ELITE. Anyway, although Lightfoot will likely play a minimal role on this year’s team it’s good to see him making progress with the curls. He’s been doing them, so we should too. Twelve ounce curls, that is.
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2 Replies to ““5” Reasons to be excited for this season”

  1. The season itself will be exciting. I’m not too worried about it yet because there are going to be other trials for the Nike and Under Armour schools that should implicate schools like Kentucky, Duke, and North Carolina are all doing the same thing. At the end of the day, the NCAA has a decision to make: take down all of their top revenue earners, or let it slide so that they can compete with the new G-league.

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